Get the most from your voice of consumer research

Organizations have been conducting voice of consumer research for as long as they have been selling products. Now, you can correlate your research with both structured and unstructured data to help validate the insights from your research.

Find out the best ways to use “big and unstructured data” and discovery technologies to enhance your voice of consumer work and get more out of your survey initiatives to drive improved consumer experience.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How discovery and business intelligence together lead to a faster time to value
  • What social media can tell you about consumer loyalty
  • What sentiment analysis can tell you about marketing effectiveness
  • What design changes to make in your voice of consumer approach to move beyond traditional business intelligence

Find out how market leaders are applying next generation analytics to their Voice of Consumer initiatives to outpace their competition.

Featured industry speaker

Mike Huzinec
Director, Growth Strategies