Food and beverage M&A update: Q1-2017

Major U.S. indices

The first quarter of 2017 (Q1-2017) showed positive performance for the broader U.S. equity market, as the S&P, DJIA and NASDAQ closed up 5.5 percent, 4.6 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively, for the quarter. In the LTM period ending March 31, the S&P, DJIA and NASDAQ closed up 15.6 percent, 18.6 percent and 18.1 percent, respectively.

Food and beverage relative performance

As of March 31, 2017, four of the six food and beverage segments exhibited increases on a trailing 12-month basis. These increases were largely attributable to improving economic growth in addition to the so named “Trump Trade”. The key factor fueling the Trump Trade rally has been market expectations that the new U.S. presidential administration would enact pro-business policies that would have a simulative effect on the economy.

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