Client experience: Operational reorganization

Institutional challenge

A large academic medical center was segregating its various schools into individual entities within the university. The university needed assistance in understanding the impact of segregating these operations, including changes to:

  • Administrative infrastructure and support
  • Budgeting processes
  • Financial tracking and reporting
  • Information technology systems
  • Internal controls
  • Strategic decision making

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly worked with university leaders to understand the desired reorganization structure, and facilitated the decision making process. Our team identified the potential risks, costs, and other considerations throughout the life of the transition (e.g., changes to decision making protocols, planning strategies, implementation programs, and assurance activities). Baker Tilly assisted the university in assessing how this reorganization may affect its strategy in areas such as student enrollment and research funding.  


With our assistance, the university was able to effectively segregate the two independent schools following a closed-budget model, and absorb the other areas of operations into the university’s consolidated budget model. Additionally, the university identified ways to leverage existing resources to reduce additional costs, and create temporary shared service models to support the new infrastructure until permanent resource solutions could be developed.