ERP software evaluation positions manufacturer to undertake and execute business transformation and process improvements

Client background:

A U.S. based manufacturer of progressive and innovative dispensing, serving and point-of-use equipment for food service operators. The company sells around the globe, has 150+ employees and $37+M in annual

The business challenge:

  • Inability to upgrade its aging legacy system due to numerous customizations
  • Limited internal IT resources to drive strategic IT improvements (focused on day-to-day stability of the legacy system)
  • External customer demands to customize products were driving the need to transform the business toward manufacturing to order (MTO/ETO)
  • Inability to gather key sales, costing, and inventory metrics with legacy systems and processes revenues.

The Baker Tilly approach:

  • Focused on critical and unique business requirements to align vendor fit
  • Identified actionable change management activities for the organization through stakeholder analysis
  • Facilitated scripted demonstration process which required vendors to demonstrate their software using the client’s data and business processes to illustrate a solution that they could visualize and more easily understand
  • Provided total cost of ownership analysis and supported independent client reference calls to confirm client’s final selection decision

The business impact:

  • Vendors demonstrated their software using the company’s data and business processes which illustrated a solution that the company could more easily visualize and understand
  • Confirmed the ERP solution will support client’s critical and unique requirements
  • Positioned the client to undertake and execute business transformation and process improvements
  • Leveraged ERP market expertise to coach client through contract negotiation to identify cost savings and clear Total Cost of Ownership

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