Emerging mobile application developer successfully organizes financial statements and completes first audit in several years

Our client’s need

Our client desired an audit after successfully completing rounds of funding and becoming operationally stable.

Baker Tilly solution

Our commitment to providing Exceptional Client Service means we worked side-by-side with our client, including collaborating directly with their board, CEO, CFO, and controller, to understand their desire for an audit, assist with organization of their documentation, and provide appropriate guidance around GAAP accounting standards. We leveraged our experience serving software and technology startups, to work in partnership with our client and conduct two years’ of comparative audit statements, and provide appropriate guidance around complex accounting issues including revenue recognition and complex equity transactions.

Results achieved

Baker Tilly was able to work through our client’s accounting and documentation issues while simultaneously providing ongoing insightful and impactful advice and conducting a two year comparative financial statement audit. Moving forward, Baker Tilly will continue to provide industry related expertise and guidance around accounting and compliance issues.

“Working with Baker Tilly has proven to be a seamless experience thanks to their true partnership approach which involved working side-by-side with our staff and proactive, ongoing communication throughout every step. We were extremely impressed with Baker Tilly’s ability to navigate our specific accounting and documentation issues while simultaneously conducting an audit. We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of our relationship, from the level of service we received to the amount of time it took to bring our projects to fruition. We would recommend Baker Tilly to any organization that greatly values efficiency and a true partnership approach.”