Ed Gersek, Inc. sells quarries and real estate assets separately to Oneida Indian Nation of Wisconsin and Triple P, Inc.

Client need

Ed Gersek, Inc. (Ed Gersek) determined it was the right time to put two of its quarries up for sale to local buyers in the Green Bay area. The quarries include owned real estate, quarry reserves, stone held in inventory, scale and any leases associated with the properties. Having had prior experience with Baker Tilly with regards to services including financial reporting and analysis, income tax planning and succession planning, Ed Gersek chose Baker Tilly Capital as its investment bank to conduct a marketing process designed to identify potential industry buyers for the two assets.

Baker Tilly Capital solution

The investment banking team at Baker Tilly Capital worked closely with the Ed Gersek team throughout the sale process. With a deep understanding of the quarries for sale, our team provided comprehensive sell-side services. Leveraging a robust potential buyer universe and local relationships, our team carefully narrowed the list of prospective buyers to provide the highest purchase price and best transaction structure.


The outcome of the transaction process matched two separate industry buyers with Ed Gersek – Oneida Indian Nation of Wisconsin and Triple P, Inc. (D/B/A Peters Concrete) – with each buyer acquiring one of the quarries. Identifying two separate buyers helped maximize efficient use for the land and the value for all parties involved.

“Baker Tilly Capital guided us throughout the entire process, providing frequent and valuable communication to ensure continuity and coordination. They helped us maximize the value of the quarries with two separate buyers, which exceeded our expectations.” 

– Diane Bisick, President – Ed Gersek, Inc.

For more information on this deal, or to learn how Baker Tilly Capital specialists can help, contact our team.

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