E-commerce company seeks fairness opinion from Baker Tilly Capital

Client need

An e-commerce company that provides a platform for corporate meetings and events had received multiple rounds of early stage capital from individual and institutional investors with no particular group being clearly in control of the board of directors. When the company determined it needed additional capital for operations, there was no consensus among board members with regard to the company’s business strategy or financing strategy. As a result, existing investors began offering competing financing and recapitalization proposals.

Baker Tilly Capital solution*

With competing proposals on the table, a special committee of the board of directors hired Baker Tilly Capital to review and analyze each of the proposals, with the intent of ultimately providing a fairness opinion. Our team prepared a comprehensive analysis of the various financing proposals and worked with the ultimate lead investor to ensure a reasonable and fair transaction for all parties involved.


Upon completing the analysis of each of the proposals, our team produced a fairness opinion that was well received by the board of directors. As a result, the company completed a financing strategy that would support growth, while at the same time redirect the company’s corporate strategy and rationalize the current ownership structure.

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* Services provided by Curtis Securities, LLC, which merged with Baker Tilly Capital, LLC

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