Craft Brewers Conference 2015 – true beervana

The 2015 Craft Brewers Conference sponsored by the Brewers Association was held this year in Portland Oregon. Baker Tilly moderated a distinguished panel of experts from across many aspects of craft brewery life, including brewery owners, financial consultants, sales channel and distribution consultants, legal advisors,  and brewery software solutions.

This session offered an open forum aimed at helping brewers maximize the value of their brewery and leverage it to accelerate growth and optimize profitability. Attendees received inside tips on proven methods and best practices in developing and managing territories, use and management of distribution rights, operational trends and more.

Baker Tilly shared insights in the seminar, “Understanding financial metrics and how to use them to operate a growing brewery.” This session covered moving past the start-up phase to managing a business for growth and profitability. It shared what key performance metrics to rely on, as well as what they mean and how to hit upper quartile performance. It explained that once you move past the stage of single management, you need management tools and reporting to stay close to what is going on.  This session helped attendees build those reports using industry benchmark data to populate their personal operations.

Baker Tilly also participated in a panel discussion sponsored by OrchestratedBEER™ (OBeer) that shared just how craft breweries are making use of OBeer. Attendees heard from OBeer customers on the benefits of real-time KPIs, forward-looking inventory, production scheduling and business reporting.

You can view the presentation that was shared at the Craft Brewers Conference here along with other articles and webinars specific to craft brewers.

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