Consolidating global audit and tax for a world pioneer in induction technology

Our client’s need

ABP Induction, LLC (ABP Induction) is a global producer of induction systems and inductive heating equipment. Being a US company with nine foreign subsidiaries, having a co-located team of experienced audit and tax professionals from multiple countries was of major importance to ABP Induction’s management team.

Baker Tilly solution

The time Baker Tilly Virchow Krause (Baker Tilly US) and their international Baker Tilly International member firms spent meeting ABP Induction’s management and understanding the issues they faced resulted in an invitation to perform their global audit and tax compliance work. This was soon followed by visits to certain ABP Induction subsidiaries by Baker Tilly US and certain Baker Tilly International member firms. The strength of the Baker Tilly International network was also leveraged—Baker Tilly International member firms, residing in each of the client’s jurisdictions were mobilized on behalf of ABP Induction.

Results achieved

Baker Tilly’s hands-on approach, attention to detail, senior professional accessibility, and the ease in which the Baker Tilly International network communicates with each other and their clients translated into answers for ABP Induction. They continue to benefit from the seamless coordination of nine Baker Tilly International member firms and the cooperation necessary to ensure that high quality audit and tax compliance is carried out worldwide. Having access to senior professionals, a relationship exists where Baker Tilly is a true Valued Business Advisor and has led to uncovering additional opportunities to work together.