Connect Sourcing, Recruiting, and Onboarding for Better Not Just More Candidates

Authored by: Ann Blakely and Jim Fox

A major challenge that organizations are faced with today, in the talent acquisition space, is having an array of candidates at your fingertips at any given moment. But the real challenge in this is how do you make sure that the messages that you want to bring to the marketplace are reaching, and resonating with the right people? How do you break through the noise that potential candidates are receiving and ensure that your organization is coming across as and being considered as a great place to work?

In this presentation, learn how to sculpt the right message and process to attract great people to your organization through sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding. Hear how some of Baker Tilly's clients have used this method previously and helped their organization succeed in the process.

Note: This is a recording of a presentation given at Oracle OpenWorld 2015.