• Final version of disclosure simplification rule is released

    The SEC completed a rule to lessen the disclosure requirements for public companies. The market regulator said the changes will lighten the regulatory requirements for public companies without depriving investors of useful information for making investment decisions.
  • Banking and compliance update: Summer 2018

    Delivered quarterly, Baker Tilly’s Banking and Compliance Update Newsletter provides you and your banking institution with timely information about industry hot topics, developments, trends and more.
  • Update to accounting for long-term insurance to bring major changes

    The FASB published a long-awaited update to U.S. GAAP’s guidance for long-term insurance policies. The changes require insurers to regularly assess their need to update the assumptions they use for estimating their liabilities to policyholders. The amended accounting marks a sea change from current reporting practices, which often leave insurers with forecasts about policyholders and future cash flows that are based on assumptions that may be years, if not decades, out of date.