• A badge of honor - Monitor online sites to defend your dealership’s reputation

    For dealers who don’t know what’s being said about them on online dealership review sites — or don’t have a strategy in place to quickly combat unfair reviews or appease disgruntled customers who have a legitimate beef — this article should serve as a wake-up call. It explains the threat from negative reviews, whether fair or unfair, and how a dealership should respond.
  • Applying the latest regulations on repairs and maintenance

    There has long been confusion among dealerships about the tax treatment of tangible property improvements on things such as buildings, machinery, equipment and vehicles. Specifically, should these costs be capitalized and depreciated, or can they be deducted immediately? The IRS recently issued final regulations addressing repairs and maintenance and providing guidance to help dealerships make this determination.
  • What’s the current state of the dealership M&A market?

    After several slow years in the aftermath of the financial crisis, auto dealership merger and acquisition (M&A) activity picked up substantially in the United States in 2013 — and one industry source indicates that dealerships are currently priced at all-time highs. This article lists a number of factors driving this trend and discusses the different types of buyers and their motivations. While this is currently an opportune time for sellers, a sidebar points out that, in today’s low-yield investment environment, many automotive dealership buyers see acquisitions as an opportunity for high return on investment.
  • Dealer Digest — Is the future of dealer reserve auto financing at risk?

    In this issue, “Dealer Digest” takes a look at the uncertain future of dealer reserve auto financing. It also discusses why, at least in the near term, driverless driving will not likely be the main benefit of driverless cars, and why, with more young buyers entering the automobile market, it might be time for dealerships to overhaul their showrooms — and the way they sell vehicles.