• Extra comments may be sought for proposed swaps rules

    The SEC has scheduled a meeting to consider asking for additional comments on three previously issued rule proposals for financial swaps. The proposed rules deal with capital and margin requirements and international regulation.
  • Frequently asked questions provide interpretive guidance for crowdfunding intermediaries

    The SEC issued interpretive guidance to explain its requirements for broker-dealers and funding portals, the online agents that sell crowdfunding investments. The guidance covers the restrictions on intermediaries with regard to their financial interest in an issuer of crowdfunding securities. It also explains the steps intermediaries have to take to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Commissioner Stein calls for stronger cyber protections for financial markets

    SEC Commissioner Kara Stein said the market regulator may need to begin issuing rules to ensure that the financial markets are adequately safeguarding investor information. Stein also said a lot of the responsibility for protecting the financial markets and U.S. businesses lies with boards of directors and that directors should fulfill this responsibility by interacting with management on a more regular basis and with a more detailed agenda.