Biogas energy applications from dairy and cheese manufacturing waste

Baker Tilly partnered with the Wisconsin State Energy Office to evaluate opportunities and challenges in the area of biogas energy applications from dairy and cheese manufacturing waste. Wisconsin stakeholders have forged a path of leadership in the understanding and implementation of biogas market opportunities. Prior anaerobic digestion and biogas studies have done an exceptional job explaining existing accomplishments and theoretical potential opportunities for biogas operations within agriculture and food processing operations. The ultimate value proposition to stakeholders was to craft a forward-looking technical action plan and specific biogas economic model and mapping tools for identifying, analyzing, and developing successful biogas projects.

Biogas economic model and toolkit*

The biogas economic model and toolkit* is an easy to use online tool that allows biogas project stakeholders to establish a basis for a feasibility evaluation. Utilization of the economic toolkit will allow tangible examination of projects using feedstock from up to 10 different farms and 10 different processing plants.

Wisconsin development map

In cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, a sophisticated, user friendly mapping tool was created using historical databases of pertinent information and the software ArcGIS. The mapping tool is a dynamic resource for a multitude of users who are interested in cross-referencing wastewater treatment facilities, dairies, CAFOs, and other relevant landmarks to gauge overall wastewater activity, and therefore waste-to-energy opportunities, in the state of Wisconsin. The tool doesn’t stop at the state or county level; it has the ability to show high-level heat zones and drill down to selected zones to provide additional information in order to make informed project feasibility decisions.

Energy applications from agriculture and cheese manufacturing feedstock report

Relevant resources on biogas development

Wisconsin State Energy Office
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh ERIC center
Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board - Dairy Doing More
Baker Tilly renewable energy, food and beverage, dairy industry, and waste-to-energy solutions

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