Biogas economic model and toolkit

A basic economic model and associated toolkit was developed to allow an evaluation basis to be made relative to the feasibility of a biogas project. The ultimate outcome of using the biogas economic model allows the user to begin to make certain go/no-go decisions relative to various project scenarios. The economic evaluation model was constructed using Microsoft Excel.*

The purpose of the model is to perform an initial assessment of power generation at selected farms and dairy processing facilities. The model is able to evaluate up to 10 farms and 10 processing facilities at the same time. Within the model there are a number of evaluation tools that are interrelated to offer specific information within each area of the evaluation.

Utilization of the toolkit and understanding of the economic drivers behind the tool allow for tangible examination of potential projects or scenarios using feedstocks from multiple sources.

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*This file requires macros to be enabled. To enable macros:
(1) Click on the banner below the tool bar which says "Security Warning Macros have been disabled"
(2) Click on "Options…"
(3) Click "Enable this content"
(4) Click OK
(5) Click Agree or do not agree

If no security warning banner is visible:
(1) Go to Microsoft Office button in upper left
(2) Click on "Excel Options"
(3) Click on "Trust Center"
(4) Click on "Trust Center Settings"
(5) Click on "Macro Settings"
(6) Click on "Enable all Macros"

Note please contact your network administrator prior to enabling macro settings.

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