Big & unstructured Data:  marketing analytics

The Company

  • A U.S. based multinational food and beverage conglomerate
  • $35+B in revenue and 100,000+ employees

Business Challenge

  • Inability and need to measure the value of advertising in social media
  • Lack of insights into unstructured data resulted in the inability to respond to brand managers’ questions and provide key metrics in a timely manner
  • Marketplace social and mobile technologies were disrupting the company’s current marketing mix models; they lacked an effective way to quickly tap into new customer data sources, such as social media, and call center data

The Baker Tilly Approach

  • Development of a solution that combined advertising information from multiple channels and brands into a single user interface
  • Created the ability for Point of Sale (POS), print, social media, TV, and panel data correlations to be explored
  • Developed the capability for interactive exploration of the relationships between Target Rating Points (TRP), Gross Rating Points (GRP), and POS data and social media mentions

Business Impact

  • Improved Marketing’s response time to brand manager questions
  • Enabled the ability to explore the effectiveness of social media marketing channels blended with traditional sources of consumer data. By using both sources of data in a single analysis environment, they were able to uncover spikes in sales that were primary derived from the media channels they were previously unable to track (social media, call center, and other unstructured data).
  • Accelerated the time to complete marketing analyses through the removal of manual Excel-based processes

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