Baker Tilly helps pioneering neuro treatment company achieve its strategic objectives

Our client’s need

An international biotechnology company is focused on identifying, validating, and developing medical compounds into prescription drugs and natural products for the early treatment of neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Like many early stage companies, our client had a need for access to capital and scientific talent to serve on the fast-growing company’s board of advisors. The company was also reviewing various capitalization options, strategic partnering opportunities and merger and acquisition scenarios for fit with their strategic plan.

Baker Tilly solution

Through our relationships with and seminars provided to members of the angel investor and biotechnology community, we were able to bring together parties who were potentially interested in providing funding to the company or serving on the company’s board of advisors. Additionally, Baker Tilly provided the company with strategic advisory services related to its capitalization structure and merger and acquisition transactions.


As a result of our relationships, the company was able to close its initial funding round with a lead angel investor group that has strong interest in creating new treatments for degenerative neurological diseases. Additionally, we were able to help recruit the director of a world class neurological research facility to their board of advisors. 

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