Baker Tilly Capital provides valuations for third-generation family holding company and its multiple business units

Client need

Our client was a large, third-generation family holding company with multiple business units, which included equipment manufacturing, specialty engineering and construction services, distribution and agriculture. Due to a cyclical downturn in one of its major business units, the company found itself facing capital constraints, resulting in reduced distributions to all of the family members.

As the family members began to debate amongst themselves as to a future course of action for the company, the chief financial officer, who was not a part of the family, sought to help the family understand its current situation.

Baker Tilly Capital solution*

The company hired Baker Tilly Capital to provide an analysis of its current position and prospects for the future. Our team worked to determine valuations of the company under various scenarios, while at the same time assessing current market conditions for potential divestitures of its business units and providing strategic alternatives.


Baker Tilly Capital prepared a comprehensive analysis of the value of the company as a whole, as well as provided valuations for each of the company’s industrial business units. In addition, our team assisted the family members in separating real business challenges from minor issues – separating work from family tendencies. In the end, the family members were able to come to agreement and focus on cash flow, which has helped the company thrive and become one of the largest family-owned businesses in the area.

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* Services provided by Curtis Securities, LLC, which merged with Baker Tilly Capital, LLC

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