Baker Tilly authors a Roadmap for State and Local Government Transformation

The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin has released the results of a Baker Tilly directed study which lays the foundation for transforming local government service delivery in Wisconsin. LGI is a collaboration of leaders from all associations representing local government in Wisconsin – the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Counties Associations, the Wisconsin Towns Association and the Alliance of Cities. The entity was formed specifically to develop consensus among governmental leaders relative to key actions required for effective government transformation given the integral role governmental plays in the vitality of so many aspects of Wisconsin communities.

Baker Tilly facilitated this initial effort meant to provide research, aid discussion and recommend in specific action by government and business leaders to transform and enhance collaborative local government service delivery. Specifically, this initiative resulted in a roadmap which provides recommendations related to:

  • Legislation to encourage regional distribution of revenue and to incent regional collaboration
  • Appropriate changes in the relationship between levels of government to result in more emphasis on regional service delivery, greater efficiency, reduced or avoided cost, and enhanced service levels
  • Increased collaboration on “appropriate" services and required success factors
  • The link between effective local government service delivery, regional cooperation and economic competitiveness
The research results highlight key success factors and also examine nationwide cases where economic competitiveness, cost of government and/or level of service were all positively impacted by collaboration and transformation of various governmental entities.

This is the first report commissioned by LGI in an on-going research initiative to develop recommendations for aligning local government services within a region to reduce the costs of those services while preserving quality, and to identify alternative options for funding. The initiative builds upon the work of previous task forces and Commissions intended to streamline and enhance local government services while minimizing costs.

Baker Tilly was honored to be part of this very important initiative and looks forward to a continued role in the important topics of government transformation, consolidated services and economic development.