A not-for-profit strengthens its defenses against and preparedness for potential disaster and/or crisis with business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Our client’s need

An international service organization sought assistance with implementing business continuity plan within their organization, which would meet board level expectations.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly executed a business continuity risk assessment, business impact analysis and business continuity strategy identification in a multi-phase approach for the company. In addition, Baker Tilly assisted with drafting the business continuity plan document, crisis management plan, and overall test plans for the organization. Baker Tilly also provided a detailed critical application listing and prioritization for the information technology team to use within their disaster recovery plan.

Results achieved

The organization successfully implemented the BCP plan, which was communicated throughout the organization. Through the process, insights were gained that led to process improvements and standards were set on coordination with key third parties. Key critical applications were also discovered and provided to the IT department to assist with coverage of the existing Disaster Recovery plan.

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