A healthy boost to the new hire experience and onboarding with Oracle’s Onboarding Cloud platform

Client background

Global manufacturer of medical devices and supplies with 38,000 employees across more than 70 countries.

The business challenge

During a period of rapid global expansion, the company was aggressively hiring and onboarding talent in new markets. Disparate processes and a limited onboarding tool failed to meet the needs of the organization. Specific areas of concern included:

  • Onboarding effectiveness: Unorganized and manual new hire initiation tasks were a headache for the company. There were disparate onboarding processes across different business units and geographies.
  • New hire experience: New hires struggled to get through onboarding and to full productivity due to experiences that were both unmotivating and inconsistent from team to team, business unit to business unit, and location to location.
  • User buy in and adoption: The client had concerns about getting support around standardization in the 6 month timeframe from the more than 60 countries.

The Baker Tilly approach

Baker Tilly brought its proven methodology to the table and worked with the client to tailor an approach for the project. Key activities and milestones to implement Oracle’s Taleo Cloud Transitions platform included:

  • A thorough current state analysis to understand the process variances across teams, business units, and geographies.
  • Design of a new hire onboarding process that incorporated leading practices and standardized experiences across the organization while still allowing flexibility where  needed.
  • Partnership with stakeholders to understand the legal and business requirements for future state.
  • A job impact analysis to identify the changes required for future state as input to the communication and training plans.
  • Development and testing of a process to ensure legal and business fit, as well as improved end user experience.
  • A communication and training plan to drive end user buy in, adoption, and long term sustainability.

The business impact

By optimizing their processes and implementing a state-of-the-art onboarding platform, the client has transformed their onboarding programs and positioned their teams to support continued growth and other key strategic objectives.

  • Improved time-to-productivity: Employees are empowered to be more productive from day one
  • Process uniformity: Ensured single process and technology is followed globally and each hiring manager applies the standard process, improving the new hire experience and contributing to the organization’s reporting and analytics
  • Positive user adoption: An integrated change management program with a tailored approach and the right level of rigor correlated to increased user adoption

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