• Trends and hot topics at IASA 2017

    A variety of educational sessions at the 2017 IASA Annual Conference discussed hot topics important to insurers, including the changing role of the CFO, new risk areas for insurers, emerging technology for insurance companies, and the use of smartphone and mobile technology for underwriting.
  • Compliance Potpourri!

    Three Topics: State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement, Federal Cybersecurity Regulations, and Compliance Programs
  • The status of tax reform

    Due to the challenges of enacting comprehensive tax reform, we expect that some alternative compromise will take shape in order to obtain a corporate rate reduction and some individual tax changes rather than a comprehensive tax reform package. We expect legislation to be drafted by late fall or early winter with a bill ready for the president’s signature early in 2018. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor and bring you any developments.