In an environment of continual change, software and technology companies need an accounting and advisory firm that understands your challenges and opportunities – and the marketplace conditions that create them.

Baker Tilly’s team works with software and technology companies in each phase of the business lifecycle. We help companies and their investors develop strategic and profitable solutions to such issues as domestic and global expansion, new product development, ongoing funding requirements, revenue recognition requirements, and potential exit strategies. Our team offers significant knowledge and industry expertise to the full spectrum of software and technology companies, including health technology, software as a service (SaaS), software developers and publishers, information technology companies and data processors.

In addition to helping you address tax opportunities and meet financial reporting requirements, how else can we assist your company?

  • Transition to ASC 606 with application of new accounting guidance to impact companies starting in 2018
  • Provide guidance related to entity structures
  • Address potential impacts of agreements and business transactions on tax liabilities
  • Review and evaluate alternative business transition and exit strategies
  • Provide buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisition services
  • Recommend strategies to accelerate revenue growth
  • Assist in complying with federal and state tax requirements, including state nexus rules
  • Conduct and analyze market research for new market and customer segment opportunities
  • Analyze and apply for research and development tax credits
  • Optimize capital opportunities with incentives and credits

To stay ahead of industry change and opportunities, we also help companies develop sound accounting and financial reporting practices that allow them to demonstrate strength and stability to customers, investors, lenders, and merger candidates.

If you want to work with a team that understands your industry, gets to know your business intimately, and offers profitable solutions while minimizing risks, connect with us.

New Accounting Guidance related to Capitalizing Cloud Setup Costs

New Accounting Guidance related to Capitalizing Cloud Setup Costs

FASB has issued guidance for capitalizing costs associated with implementation of cloud computing systems.

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What the Wayfair ruling means for technology firms

What the Wayfair ruling means for technology firms

Baker Tilly break downs the South Dakota v. Wayfair ruling and showcases how technology and software firms can begin to comply with new sales tax collection and remittance changes.

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Our Take

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“The Baker Tilly team works with software and technology companies throughout all stages of business growth, from start-ups to established companies and public companies. We offer actionable ideas, insights, and recommendations tailored to each company’s specific needs.”

— Rachel D. Polson Partner, CPA