Commercial success requires a commitment to ensuring a successful product launch and optimizing the growth potential for in-line products.


Pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers alike are facing the realities of major changes to the healthcare environment and care-delivery payment practices. In particular, a shifting multi-customer environment with divergent demands for achieving clinical and economic outcomes and a movement from fee for service to risk sharing cost models are causing companies to reexamine their strategies. All this and management’s pressure to do more, faster, better… with less. 

Providers and payers have emerged as the primary customers of pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers. They are demanding solutions that produce clinical and fiscal benefit that are backed with documented, real-world clinical and cost management outcomes.   

To accomplish these objectives, life sciences companies must overcome a wave of challenges, including becoming truly customer-centric in their commercial model and operationally efficient in all phases of the industry model to be competitive and optimize growth. These challenges mandate quicker clinical trial timeframes, efficient product development initiatives that address at-launch expectations of customers, a commercial strategy that sees the business landscape through the eyes of the customer, efficient use of capital and resources to create go-to-market plans that have immediate impact.


These challenges and industry trends require pharmaceutical and other life sciences manufacturers to assess their traditional product-focused commercial operations processes and address how best to evolve to a customer-focused B2B model that optimizes growth objectives through provision of care-treatment solutions for systems-of-care customers.

How Baker Tilly can help

Our team of market access and commercial professionals can assist pharmaceutical, device, medical supply and diagnostic companies respond to this fast-changing environment and address challenges to optimize growth under the pressures to do more with less, produce competitive value differentiation and secure access and profitable reimbursement positions.

Our senior leaders have a sophisticated understanding of the life sciences market and today’s health systems’ mindset and approach based on deep experience and partnerships with them. We apply expertise and knowledge to ensure understanding of the mechanics and nuances of the managed care and reimbursement environments (including market dynamics, disruptive mechanisms and regulatory requirements, market access and reimbursement policies and the nuances of social, governmental and managed care environments) to help clients effectively align and strengthen the commercial planning and go-to-market strategy.


Baker Tilly focuses on the intersection where “Strategy meets Execution.” You plan your overarching strategy, we will help you design and plan a customer-centric based execution strategy that delivers the solutions today’s customers expect for granting access and adoption in their systems – including efficient use of capital and resources to design and deploy.

Short on resources or expertise, you can engage our service specialists to assemble the components, identify gaps and provide initiatives that will resonate with customers and deliver impact to optimize growth.

  • Commercial excellence
  • Product development and launch
  • Market access optimization
  • Customer strategy and innovation
  • Health economic and outcomes research
  • Reimbursement optimization
  • Payer and provider outreach

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Our Take

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“Pressure from outcome based business relationships that include multiple customers is driving a movement away from a ‘spray-paint’ marketing and promotional model to a customer-centric account based model that is causing major transformations for pharma companies both large and small.”

— John Finan, Director, Life sciences/healthcare