Baker Tilly provides examination readiness and consulting services tailored to your needs. Examination readiness services are recommended six to twelve months (or more) prior to your examination. If you have received a notification letter from your state regulator advising you of an upcoming examination, a Baker Tilly consultation is a great starting point to understanding how to plan, prepare for and address the upcoming examination.

  • Understand the risk-focused examination process as it exists today
  • Assist management in preparing responses to the initial examination data calls (Exhibit B, C), first day letters and preliminary surveys received at the notification of an upcoming examination
  • Understand the corporate governance structure and provide feedback on how management can improve overall governance to satisfy regulators expectations
  • Prepare management for “c-level” interviews conducted by the examination team
  • Provide insight and assist management in determining your organization is in compliance with, or has established procedures to address compliance with, certain state specific regulations, statutes and rules
  • Review management’s risk identification processes, including enterprise risk management processes (ERM), and provide feedback on maturity of the process and a gap analysis
  • Understand management’s control environment, and assist in mapping controls and mitigating strategies to risks
  • Communicate proactively through conference calls and meetings to answer questions and provide assistance during the examination process as desired by management

Fast track mock examination

Is this your first examination? Prepare your team through a mock examination to speed up delivery of needed information to the regulators and improve the examination experience.

Benefit from our wealth of examination experience; conduct a cost efficient mock examination (recommended 18-24 months or more prior to your upcoming examination) focused on the full scope examination or specific areas of interest to management, such as cybersecurity procedures, Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA) or corporate governance. Templates, analysis and recommendations are provided as a result, and enable management to remediate issues and potentially avoid fines and penalties prior to your upcoming examination.

To understand how we can assist your organization or to submit an RFP, please contact our team.

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