Is your revenue cycle program the definition of insanity?

Have you been doing the same thing over and over for the past several years and still haven’t achieved the results you had hoped for in enhancing net revenue, maximizing cash flow or reducing operating costs?

Many of today’s revenue cycle programs are not flexible enough to account for the ever changing healthcare environment and personnel changes despite the fact that executives view their program as a strategic focus and continue to invest heavily into them. ROI’s are consistently much lower than what was deemed possible and any benefit achieved is often short term in nature and not sustainable.

It’s time to take a different approach

  • Are you interested in achieving 40 percent reductions in cost or 35 percent increases in cash?
  • Would you like to have the necessary data at the right level of detail to make decisions in a timely manner?
  • Can you easily make a change in your processes or systems to support new regulatory requirements, staff changes or newly acquired workloads?
  • Do you want clear visibility into the performance of your revenue cycle team and the potential opportunities if performance levels can be improved?

The revenue cycle game has changed. It is time to optimize your outcomes.

  • Use technology platforms to unlock cash and drive incremental revenue.
  • Evaluate telephony solutions to create predictive dialing and answering solutions that allow people to be more productive by reducing hold times and unproductive work time.

Create lasting value

It is critical to build a revenue cycle program that will provide you with the nimbleness and scale you need now and in the future. Baker Tilly specialists keep our eyes on the ever-changing revenue cycle landscape and will build you a system that provides you with:

  • Action oriented information and reporting capabilities
  • Real-time visibility into your team’s performance, and
  • The ability to sustain these improvements over the long run.

Brilliance in the basics

Our approach uses advanced process analytics that allow us to see what others see, but enables us to provide insight that others can’t. This helps us to uncover optimization opportunities that may have been missed. Our approach includes:

  1. An assessment of your current performance so that you are not wasting valuable time and money on finding solutions
  2. A comparison of your performance against the “art of the possible”; not only what everyone else is doing
  3. Identifying gaps in your current operations, management capabilities and processes so that effective action can be taken to achieve real results
  4. Developing a plan to improve or transform your revenue cycle that drives material financial outcomes
  5. Management and execution of a transformation to ensure positive results – because let’s face it, your team already has a day job
  6. A strategic roadmap to help drive long term accountability and sustainability through our monitoring services that provides dedicated and experienced “preventative maintenance” for your revenue cycle operations
  7. Monitoring services that provide dedicated and experienced “preventative maintenance” to help drive long term accountability and sustainability

Connect with us.

Let’s work together on improving your net revenue, maximizing your cash flow and reducing operating costs.

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Revenue Cycle Innovation Center

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Remote assist

Improve your net revenue, maximize your cash flow and reduce operating costs.

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Our Take

image of Michael L. Duke

"Our clients must look to new ways of doing business. Even if the reimbursement landscape wasn’t shifting dramatically, there is continual pressure on finding ways to improve accuracy and effectiveness while driving down costs. At Baker Tilly, we have developed a new operating model with those factors in mind that allows our clients to achieve dramatic results."