At Baker Tilly, our team of specialists helps beverage companies like craft breweries, distilleries, wineries and other beverage companies grow to the next level. This includes ERP and MRP software implementation and maximization.

Flight of services to beverage companies:

System stabilization

  • Document process flows
  • Implement process / identify champion
  • Inventory (lots, items, bills of material (BOMs), contract brewing)
  • Chart of accounts
  • Material resource planning

POS integration

  • Beer sales
  • Merchandise sales
  • Web sales
  • Gift cards
  • Comps
  • Use tax

Other integration

  • Payroll
  • Company credit card
  • External integration

Data manipulation

  • Report writing
  • Report analysis
  • Alerts / automation

System maximization

  • Fixed assets
  • Cost accounting
  • Accounting manual

Pure accounting staff

  • Compliance
  • Banking
  • Forecasting

Pure CPA firm

  • Audit / tax


What is OrchestratedBEER™?

“All-in-One” software for craft breweries
OrchestratedBEERTM  (OBeer) is an "all-in-one" business management software solution that helps you manage every aspect of your brewery from accounting in the back office, to iPads on the brewery floor. OBeer solves the common problems that breweries of all different sizes encounter as a result of using convoluted spreadsheets, limited bookkeeping software, white boards, pen & paper, and other make shift tools. OBeer consolidates information in one centralized location to reduce unnecessary work, eliminate dual-entry, increase transparency, and streamline processes. OBeer provides real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), accurate future inventory projections, flexible production planning and insightful business reporting.

OBeer is developed, supported and maintained by Orchestra Software under one roof in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. Our team is passionate about craft beer and committed to solving the complicated dynamics of the craft brewery business by utilizing proven best practices.

Orchestra Software - the company behind OrchestratedBEERTM 
Orchestra Software delivers enterprise level business management software that is scalable enough for large breweries and affordable enough for small growing breweries. As a SAP Gold Partner, Orchestra Software provides a tailored enterprise solution for craft breweries by utilizing SAP Business One. Our goal is to help breweries consolidate all company operations into one single application, providing an unparalleled insight into the business, and creating opportunity for cost savings and increased profitability. OBeer can help your business run better by using business management software designed specifically for craft breweries.

Preferred Partners: Baker Tilly and OrchestratedBEERTM

OBeer provides a complete solution that caters to the needs of the craft brewing industry. Built on the SAP Business One platform, the OBeer solution is customized to fit the needs of craft breweries. But many craft breweries find they are only scratching the surface of how they could use this robust software. That's where Baker Tilly comes in.

Working closely with you, we enhance OrchestratedBEERTM's training by connecting the dots to your brewery's operations and procedures. Our consultants help craft breweries maximize their use of the software - and their investment. Ways we have helped clients do this include: 

  • Develop reports and metrics that help manage the business of brewing
  • Incorporate OBeer processes into breweries' policies and procedures manuals
  • Ensure security of the information contained in OBeer
  • Create linkages between accounting processes and OBeer's program modules

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