2019 WTBA Contractor-Engineer Conference

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Madison Marriott West
Middleton, Wisconsin
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Senior manager Laura Cataldo will be speaking on effective communication and negotiations for construction industry employees. 

It's estimated that adults spend 70%-80% of their waking hours in some form of communication. Thanks to technology, the way we communicate continues to evolve, yet seldom do we take the time to practice or understand such a critical skill. Communication impacts our ability to identify perceptions, intent, needs and commitment – which are the fundamentals of resolving conflict and negotiating successfully. Negotiating is not a game, and it's not a war. It is what we do every day to "iron out" differences. This interactive 90-minute seminar will prepare you with the tools you need to be more effective in the conflict resolution and negotiations you face every day.

The objectives of this session are to help participants 1) Understand the skills required for effective communications; 2) Learn skills to resolve conflict more effectively; and 3) Practice the fundamentals of successful negotiations.

For more information and to register, please go to https://www.wtba.org/event/2019-wtba-contractor-engineer-conference/