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Jennifer Flickinger

703 923 8211

Jennifer is a principal in Baker Tilly’s government contractor advisory services practice. She has supported government contractors of all shapes and sizes, in nearly every industry, for more than twenty years. Jennifer’s deep experience covers a wide range of government contract cost accounting, pricing, business system internal controls, Service Contract Act compliance, forensic accounting, and litigation support.


  • Assists clients to develop policies, procedures, systems and controls to achieve compliant contractor business functions relative to FAR, CAS, DFARS Business System criteria, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Performs a variety of risk management, compliance, and internal audit related services to assess contract compliance gaps and designs/implements corrective action plans using corrective action plans using industry best practices tailored to each client's unique culture and circumstances.
  • Designs competitive, creative, and compliant indirect cost rate structures.
  • Prepares contract cost proposals, incurred cost proposals, CASB Disclosure Statements, CAS cost impact analyses, termination settlement proposals, REAs, claims, and responses to government audit reports.
  • Evaluates compliance with the Service Contract and Davis Bacon Acts and identifies risks related to labor categories, wages, fringe benefits provided, and the calculation of fringe benefit cost.
  • Performs special investigations at the direction of legal counsel regarding a variety of alleged wrongdoing including cost mischarging, overbilling, defective pricing, etc.


  • Professional Services Council, Labor Relations Committee
  • National Defense Industrial Association
  • American Bar Association, Section of Public Contract Law, Accounting, Cost and Pricing Committee
  • National Contract Management Association


University of Maryland
Bachelor of Science in accounting