Making a difference
“now, for tomorrow.”
In 2018, we embraced disruption. Guided by our values, we saw opportunity where there was disruption, capitalized on change and pushed forward to make a difference.
A message from our Chairman & CEO
Alan Whitman on a successful 2018

Reflecting on 2018, one word that best describes this year is momentum. From big leaps in advanced technology to bold expansions and a fresh global brand, we stay ahead of the curve so that our clients can, too.

Technology breakthroughs. Sweeping legislation. Shifting demographics. These are everyday headlines that remind us change is constant. Yet the word “change” can have negative connotations. It suggests a loss of control. It can be threatening. It is something to resist.

So we describe change as progress because that is exactly what is happening at Baker Tilly. It is a subtle yet important nuance. Progress implies forward motion, forward thinking. Change happens to us. Progress happens because of us.

Our fundamental purpose is to enhance and protect our clients’ value. The value they created. The value they want to keep and grow. Every day, our people solve our clients’ most pressing problems — and help them seize new opportunities. They are smart and talented, and they love what they do. Their dedication to our clients and each other is unmatched. Their optimism for what’s next is contagious. Our clients trust us to help shape their future, today. And for that we are grateful.

This year in review touches on just a few highlights of an incredible 2018 — one that we are very proud of. Together, let’s keep the momentum going.

Now, for tomorrow.


Alan D. Whitman
Chairman & CEO

our new brand

Our brand is so much more than a logo. It is what we believe in and what we want to accomplish. Our new identity better reflects our commitment to making a difference for our clients, our people, our communities and our profession.

Growth Symbol
Inspired by organic growth patterns found in nature, our symbol is intentionally asymmetrical to show movement, express continuous growth and demonstrate our capacity to be agile and adaptable to the unique needs of our clients.
Wordmark: Ascenders
The b, k, t and l ascenders are distinctive and designed to reinforce upward motion.
Wordmark: Letters
Lowercase letters reflect our personal and approachable nature.
Wordmark: Spacing
Removing the space between Baker and Tilly signifies we are a united and cohesive international network.

With disruption all around us, standing still is not an option. Success happens when we push forward.

We will guide you through the ever-changing business world, blending free-flowing knowledge with the power of personal relationships to help you win now and anticipate tomorrow.

Let’s face the future, together.

we believe in the power of great relationships, great conversations and great futures. They represent what we stand for and what we are working together to achieve.
Great Relationships
Great Conversations
Great Futures
We value our relationships.
We have tomorrow's conversations, today.
We embrace the opportunities that tomorrow presents.
At the heart of “Now, for tomorrow.” is our commitment to making a difference for our clients, our people, our communities and our profession.
Making a difference for
our clients
our people
our communities
our profession
We create genuine relationships and meaningful experiences with our clients to solve their most pressing problems and seize opportunities. What’s more, our network members collaborate seamlessly to serve our clients across the globe.
Our profession is dynamic, and our firm and our network are innovative and growing. This gives team members rewarding opportunities at every stage of their career.
We are vested in the communities where we live and work, making a difference for future generations.
We shape our profession through leadership roles in key organizations. Our network’s global influence makes us outstanding advocates for our profession.
Shaping the profession
Baker Tilly
Baker Tilly Collaborative is an alliance of independently owned accounting firms that benefit from the power of collaboration to reach their goals. Leveraging Baker Tilly's national and international resources, members have access to a leading brand, technical support, practice management and shared resources.
Baker Tilly Collaborative
How we stay ahead of the curve so that our clients can, too.
Driving digital transformation
Dynamic Audit Solution
Through automation, data analytics and other technologies, our firm continually innovates within our audit service offerings. In fact, we are collaborating with the AICPA on the Dynamic Audit Solution initiative by committing time and resources to reimagine what auditing in the future will look like.
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digital transformation image
Robotic Process Automation
Our clients face tremendous pressure to increase labor productivity, reduce costs and innovate. We leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help achieve higher rates of success related to error and cost reduction while creating higher value for their businesses.
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digital transformation image
breaking through with innovative services
We share our knowledge and understanding of the industries we serve and the services we deliver, connecting with our clients to enhance and protect their value and prepare for the future, today.
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
Organizations of all types face unprecedented threats to their critical information. Couple this with constrained cybersecurity resources and the challenges mount. We designed the Baker Tilly Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service for our clients who need comprehensive cybersecurity programs yet have limited in-house capabilities.
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digital transformation image
Healthcare Revenue Cycle Optimization
Many of today’s revenue cycle programs are not flexible enough to fully support the ever-changing healthcare environment. Operational benefits and expected ROIs are consistently lower than what was budgeted, and any benefit achieved is often short-lived. Leveraging best-of-breed solutions, we created an innovative approach that helps healthcare organizations optimize revenue and eliminate unnecessary costs.
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digital transformation image
Baker Tilly Advantage
Our clients rely on sound data to drive business decisions. The challenge is staying on top of the countless solutions available to manage financials and to understand how to use the information to enhance their businesses. We launched Baker Tilly Advantage to transform the traditional accounting approach into powerful solutions that focus on where our clients are going, so they gain competitive advantage.
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digital transformation image
untangling tax reform
We offer clients innovative tax strategies and insights that contribute to their success.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) created a platform for ongoing conversations with our clients. While the TCJA was meant to simplify taxes, ambiguities in the legislation are making the process more complicated for many Americans. To untangle tax reform, our tax specialists connected with their clients to explain the more complex areas of the law, and we established a Tax Reform Resource Center to house information most relevant to them.

Our clients also are feeling the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court's historic Wayfair decision. We developed resources to assist clients who do business in multiple states in complying with the new implementation dates and thresholds for states’ sales and use tax provisions.

tax reform act of 1986
  • The TCJA ushered in the most sweeping tax law changes since President Reagan’s Tax Reform Act of 1986 and significantly affected not only organizations (dramatically reducing the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent) but also individuals (cutting the top tax bracket and extensively changing many deductions and elections).
  • The Wayfair ruling upended a law that had been in effect since 1992. Now states are allowed to tax online retailers and remote sellers who do not reside in their state but do a certain amount of business there. In light of the ruling, $25 billion in additional state revenue is projected.
growing strategically
Without question, 2018 was an outstanding year for us. Through organic growth and recent combinations, Baker Tilly is quickly moving up in the rankings as a top accounting and advisory firm. However, we measure our success by more than numbers alone. Our growth tells us we continue to move in the right direction, facing the future with optimism and agility.
*Includes annualized results for recent combinations with RGL Forensics and MiddletonRaines+Zapata
Most notably, we brought major players to our firm, further strengthening our service offerings and our impact across the globe.
RGL Forensics (RGL) - In joining forces with well-established global player RGL Forensics, we enhanced our service to insurance and legal clients worldwide.
MiddletonRaines+Zapata (MRZ) - By combining with progressive Houston-based firm MRZ, we expanded our presence in Texas by entering the fourth-largest market in the country.
H.J. Umbaugh and Associates, Certified Public Accountants, LLP* and Springsted Incorporated* - With our three-way combination, Baker Tilly becomes one of the largest independent municipal advisory firms in the nation.
Montgomery Coscia Greilich LLP (MCG)* - With the addition of Dallas-based MCG, one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation, we will have offices in four of the five largest cities in Texas.
*Completed by mid-2019
around the world
We are proud to be an independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world’s 10th largest accountancy and business advisory network, whose member firms share our dedication to client service. Our leadership in the network gives us significant global reach to help our clients wherever they do business.
More About our Network
combined revenue (U.S.)
combined revenue growth
member firms
number of people
largest international network
Rounding out a great year
on our people
We cultivate a diverse, engaging and inclusive culture in which exceptional people thrive. Together, we make a difference for each other by being collaborative, celebrating each other’s successes and working toward common goals.
focusing on our people image
7+ years
3,300+ hours
1 in 3 new hires from team member referrals
*Includes annualized results for recent combinations with RGL Forensics and MiddletonRaines+Zapata
person 1 image
Carmen Edgar
8 years
person 2 image
Kyle Pape
8 months
person 3 image
Anne Vanderkamp
3 years
person 4 image
Tom Minielly
34 years
person 5 image
Bree Yurk
6 months
person 6 image
Todd Wilkerson
9 years
person 7 image
Kelly Elcan
10 years
person 8 image
Jerod Violett
9 months
person 9 image
Cindy Maciejewski
5 years
person 10 image
Saleem Siddiqi
3 months
person 10 image
Bill Chapman
11 years
person 10 image
Kate Pokorny
5 months
person 10 image
Camille Goessl
2 years
person 10 image
Chuck Droege
19 years
person 10 image
Mario Gonzalez
3 years
person 10 image
Amy DeCew
6 years
person 10 image
Sara Rebman
9 years
Fostering diversity, inclusion and belonging
Diversity, inclusion and belonging is who we are rather than simply what we do. We take a holistic approach by embedding the philosophy and practices of diversity, inclusion and belonging into all aspects of our business. We do this to create a sense of belonging for all team members, to foster a cultural mindset and to effect change. We view diversity, inclusion and belonging as a lens that makes everything better.
This year, we joined CEO Action for Diversity & InclusionTM, the largest collection of business leaders committed to sharing successful diversity and inclusion initiatives. It gives us unprecedented access to refreshing ideas, lessons learned and a vast network of world-class companies with a common goal.
We joined by pledging three things:
We will continue to make our workplaces trusting places to have complex and sometimes difficult conversations about diversity and inclusion.
We will implement and expand unconscious bias education.
We will share best — and unsuccessful — practices.
#1 #2 #3
Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Action
Our workforce representation reveals three areas that can help widen our view in nearly all aspects of our business. Gender, ethnicity and age are focus areas that influence the way we communicate, collaborate and connect to enable all team members to thrive. They declare our intentions for prioritizing and mobilizing our efforts to advance a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

GROW, SOAR and NexGen are signature initiatives that foster team member engagement and align to our three focus areas.
Giving back
Stewardship Day
Stewardship Day is a single day of service where team members come together across the firm to serve communities where we live and work. This annual tradition gives us a shared experience and makes a big impact on remarkable organizations that make a difference every day.
HERO program
Each year, we allot eight hours of paid HERO (Helping Enrich Relationships through Outreach) time to every team member. These hours are designated to support causes our associates individually care about, personalizing the idea of making a difference in our communities.
image 1
#HashtagLunchbag, one of the hundreds of organizations we support through HERO, is dedicated to empowering and inspiring humanity to reap the benefits of giving through the use of social media. The organization creates and uses bagged lunches with caring messages to spread love and share their experiences to inspire others.
Enjoying recognition
To underscore our commitment to our people, we were certified as a Great Place to Work for the second consecutive year. Our awards speak volumes for our commitment to our core values of collaboration, integrity, passion and stewardship.
award 1 award 2 award 3 award 6 award 7 award 8 award 9 award 10 award 11 award 12 award 13 award 14 award 15 award 16 award 17 award 18
In 2019, we will keep the momentum going and remain focused on making a difference for our clients, our people, our communities and our profession. Because that’s what matters.
There’s so much more to say, so connect with us and join the conversation.

Partner Bill Chapman truly values relationships. “They’re the foundation of our firm,” he says. He built his career by being responsive, offering practical solutions and providing high-quality results. “That’s the way we earn the trust of our clients and our teammates,” he says. Bill and our firm are fortunate that our clients – some of whom are alumni of our firm – trust us with repeat business and enthusiastically refer us to others.

Program Manager Kate Pokorny works on firmwide projects that embody ‘Now, for tomorrow.’ Collaborating with colleagues across our firm, Kate guides transformational change sparked by great conversations. From new service offerings to better platforms and streamlined processes, Kate is helping shape our firm’s future. She says, “Baker Tilly encourages everyone to engage in spirited dialogue to better serve our clients and improve team member experience.”

To Senior Consultant Camille Goessl, great futures mean so much. Camille says our firm always strives to position our clients for success, while doing the same for our people. “We welcome whatever opportunities and challenges our clients and teammates might face, and work together to build proactive solutions that are long lasting,” she says. Camille appreciates the support of her leaders, who help guide her career on the path forward.

Partner Chuck Droege has enjoyed working with great clients since he started with Baker Tilly right out of college – nearly 20 years ago. “Having strong relationships with clients promotes trust, so we can help solve their business challenges,” he says. “That trust leads to open conversations about their goals and what they envision for their futures.” Chuck also appreciates that he can make a difference for our clients wherever they do business as a global firm and through our international network.

Senior Accountant Mario Gonzalez says becoming an accountant and joining our firm are two of the best decisions he has made. “Working in public accounting, I can really make a difference for our clients and my colleagues. I anticipate changes and help craft solutions that mean something,” he says. “Our leaders truly care about our professional development and give us rewarding opportunities.”

Office Manager Amy DeCew appreciates our firm’s focus on making a difference in the areas where we live and work. “As a new mother, creating a safe and happy community is a priority of mine,” she says. “When Baker Tilly effects positive change, it gives me a great sense of fulfillment.” Through both formal and informal philanthropic activities, Baker Tilly volunteers thousands of hours to hundreds of organizations each year.

Senior Tax Manager Sara Rebman makes a difference for our profession. She has been involved with the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants’ Emerging Leaders Task Force, which helps CPAs develop relationships and enhance the growth of the profession. “Our profession is dynamic and makes advancements at record speed,” she says. “That’s why it’s important to invest in our people early to develop high-achieving leaders.”

Senior Marketing Associate Rachel Helwig used her HERO hours to volunteer at #HashtagLunchbag and make nearly 200 bagged lunches for a local homeless shelter. She says it is a good reminder of how one person can make a tremendous impact. Rachel says, “I’m grateful our firm allows me the chance to support causes I care about and spread the word about these amazing organizations.”