We pair industry knowledge with our deep experience in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance to provide you with comprehensive analysis and insights to validate your investment thesis.

Our belief is that transactions with a thorough due diligence are ultimately the most successful. We offer private equity and mezzanine funds, cash flow lenders, and business owners a menu of due diligence services that includes quality of earnings, commercial, operational, IT, and tax, which can be integrated into a single due diligence solution. For business owners preparing for a sale, we apply the same philosophy and approach to vendor due diligence.

Gain a holistic perspective from our team of transaction analysts and accountants who leverage a unique blend of experience in investment banking, transaction law, and corporate management across a variety of industries.

Our Take

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“Our objective is to validate your investment thesis by verifying the assumptions made when the deal was negotiated, seek out issues and opportunities the buyer/creditor was not aware of, and provide our client with the data and insight to help formulate a post-transaction plan.”

— William A. Chapman Partner, Managing Director, CPA, CFA