The complexities in valuation are ever-increasing and are being driven by requirements that span from company owners and corporate boards to standard setters and regulators. Regardless of the specific requirement, the demand for transparency through qualified valuation opinions and comprehensive reporting is here to stay.

Companies ranging from closely held businesses to multinational public corporations rely on our valuation professionals for information critical to their strategic and financial decisions on a broad range of valuation matters, including:

  • Transactions
  • Financial and fair value reporting
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Litigation and disputes
  • Intellectual property

Combining practical judgment with an in-depth understanding of sales transactions, industry trends, court rulings, market data, and the latest research, we develop valuation conclusions that are meaningful and can stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny.

Our Take

image of Bruce R. Hutler

“Our clients benefit from highly credentialed and experienced professionals who maintain objectivity while synthesizing both the art and science to valuation.”

— Bruce R. Hutler Principal, ASA, CFA, AVA