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New Markets Tax Credit program: how it works

NMTC attract investment for real estate projects, community facilities, and operating businesses and are federal income tax credits used to encourage private investment in low-income communities around the United States.  This video provides a basic overview of the NMTC program and projects that are particularly attractive for investment.

Many changes in an organization can trigger the need for an infusion of capital to meet short- or long-term needs. With their extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local tax credits, negotiated incentives, traditional lenders, and nontraditional capital sources, our project finance specialists provide organization leaders and executives cost-effective financing alternatives tailored to their needs.

We can help minimize your equity requirements and enhance your overall return by optimizing the capital stack with tax credits, negotiated incentives, and other loan programs. We will present the transaction with detailed business and financial due diligence, effectively present your story, negotiate favorable terms, assist with closing, and address your ongoing compliance needs.

We can help you navigate your options, including:

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Government credits and incentives: How it works

Government credits and incentives: How it works

Every year, federal, state, and local governments in the United States invest billions of dollars into private projects. This video explains what is available and how you can get your share.

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New Markets Tax Credit and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Mapping Tool

New Markets Tax Credit and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Mapping Tool

Ensure you’re taking advantage of cost-effective financing alternatives on your projects. This interactive map can help you quickly determine if a project may qualify under various criteria for the NMTC or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program.

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“Tighter lending practices and the availability of incentives to fund growth mean businesses need to look at every opportunity to manage their equity and get their projects moving.”

— Michael P. Ross President, Baker Tilly Capital