A modern talent acquisition experience is critical for organizational success.

Companies can choose to grow in a multitude of ways, and the manner in which they choose to grow can change drastically over time. Talent acquisition teams need to be nimble so they can align talent acquisition strategies with their organization’s ever-changing growth strategies.

Highly sought-after candidates, passive candidates and new hires are all looking for a more modern talent acquisition experience - one that has the right look and feel with a foundation of streamlined processes. To keep people engaged, old recruiting, onboarding and social sourcing processes must be updated to accommodate a changing growth strategy or an acquisition of a new organization. Through a practical, proven, and right sized approach, Baker Tilly’s Human Capital services team can help your organization:    

Our experienced Talent Acquisition team members will work with you to design and execute a tailored recruiting, onboarding and social sourcing plan that makes sense for your organization. The end goal is to modernize your recruiting ecosystem, reduce new hire time to productivity, and most importantly, leverage an improved talent acquisition function that will drive organizational success.

The #1 recruiting tool you own, but aren’t using – the chance to learn!

The #1 recruiting tool you own, but aren’t using – the chance to learn!

Listen to this webinar to find out what’s important to millennials as they enter the workforce and the changes your organization may need to make to its learning and development practices in order to attract, grow, and retain them.

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We help organizations put their best foot forward in delivering a world class recruiting, onboarding and social sourcing experience for new employees, starting well before they walk in the door.

— Meghan Ferguson