Despite significant investments made in technology, many organizations are not achieving the results they expected. It is time to figure out why… and do something about it.

The promise of technology supporting improved revenue growth and customer experience has fueled a wave of technology investments over the last several years.  Organizations continue to invest billions of dollars annually in technologies like customer relationship management, sales and marketing automation and personalization, yet most have not seen the return on this significant investment. 

Whether large platform solutions or niche applications, most of these technology investment have been focused on improving the daily operations of individual functions… marketing, sales, service, etc., and not driving alignment around what customer’s value and how they buy.  This alignment is critical as it can have a significant impact on business performance:

  • 19% faster revenue growth
  • 15% higher profitability*

Achieving this alignment requires real, not cosmetic, collaboration across an organization’s customer-facing functions, customer information and the supporting technologies.

Our Growth Strategies practice can help you take closer look at your technology investments and help you understand how to get the returns you originally expected and create a foundation for further growth and improved customer experience.

* Sirius Decisions, The Economics of Sales/Marketing/Product Alignment. 2015 Summit.

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Our Take

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"Technology to support and drive growth exists in the marketplace, but organizations need to focus on alignment of Marketing, Sales, and Product disciplines to frame their technology investment … not expect the technology itself to drive the alignment."

Todd Wilkerson, Director