• GASB No. 65 implementation - What should you be doing now?

    The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) created the financial reporting categories of deferred outflows of resources and deferred inflows of resources with GASB Concepts Statement No. 4. GASB Statement No. 63 introduced these categories into the financial reporting model with very limited use.
  • M&A and Capital Markets Update - Food and beverage Q2 2013

    Following the trend established in the first quarter, the second quarter of 2013 provided another lackluster quarter of deal volume even though equity markets are robust and liquidity remains high. M&A professionals remain puzzled on the lack of direction and volume for 2013 with most believing that the tax law changes pulled volume from 2013 into 2012.
  • On Balance: The career insider

    Employees need and want the right jobs, plus businesses need and want the right employees. Baker Tilly's Laura Huggett discusses matching employers and candidates in the financial sector in this WICPA On Balance article.