• M&A and Capital Markets Update - Food and beverage Q2 2014

    M&A activity in the food and beverage sector experienced a robust second quarter primarily driven by corporate actions. Sellers are looking to divest of non-core activities and buyers are looking to add additional brands, product lines, or expertise.
  • How food and beverage companies can get the utility packages they need

    Cory Wendt, Senior Manager with the energy and utility practice explains how understanding your consumption of utility resources can be better coordinated to create long-term savings for the company, as well as the utility. Making an energy decision is more than just cost per kilowatt hour. This article originally appeared in the Q2 2014 issue of Area Development magazine.
  • Income tax consequences of hedge or private equity fund investments

    Many tax-exempt organizations and employee benefit plans, such as pensions, IRAs and retirement plans, are attracted to hedge or private equity funds (Funds) as a method of realizing above-average returns on investments. Since related function or passive income is exempt from federal income tax, and many hedge or private equity investments are passive to the tax-exempt, most income generated from these entities can be generated free of federal and state income tax.