• Baker Tilly healthcare update May 30, 2014

    The pace of change in areas such as Medicare and Medicaid rules, the Affordable Care Act, healthcare regulations and legislation, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) require healthcare and senior living organizations to regularly monitor changes and the potential impact of these changes on their organization.
  • Ownership transition

    Business owners planning succession face the difficult decision of whether to sell, dissolve or transfer their business to family members. Learn ways valuators can help guide the succession planning process by looking at such factors as the company’s expected cash flows, perceived risk, expected growth and marketability.
  • What a difference a valuation date makes

    The valuation date can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a valuation dispute. To illustrate this point, this article looks at the case Wisniewski v. Walsh, a shareholder oppression lawsuit that dragged on for 18 years. The article outlines the history of the case and how the valuation date, while not the only factor, became central in the appellate court ruling.
  • Update on Maryland taxes

    Maryland taxpayers should be aware of two tax updates: First, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear the Wynne case and, second, the governor recently signed legislation changing the state’s estate tax exemption.