• Talking to your board about cybersecurity

    In a recent EDUCAUSE blog post, Michael Hites, Chief Information Officer at Southern Methodist University, shares insights from a collaborative presentation conducted with Mike Cullen of Baker Tilly, on the ways institutions can assist their board professionals to understand the pertinent aspects of cybersecurity programs and collaboratively address cybersecurity risks.
  • Managing Cybersecurity Assessments and Compliance

    In a recent Baker Tilly and ACUA webinar, panelists discussed cybersecurity related laws, regulations and requirements applicable to higher education institutions, as well shared methodologies for determining where high-risk data lies within your institution.
  • Cybersecurity Threats to Higher Education

    In a recent Baker Tilly and ACUA webinar, Mike Cullen, senior manager, and Meghan Farrell, senior consultant, presented the typical threat actors and vectors that institutions face, and how stakeholders throughout an institution can use various tools to improve the effectiveness of their cybersecurity program. They also discussed how institutions position risk mitigation strategies and how internal audit can serve as a resource.