Energy and water utility provider identifies significant business process improvements

Client need

A large statewide wholesale energy and water utility provider employed several non-integrated systems across its financial, human resources and energy-related operations which led to significant business process challenges in transferring financial and operational data between systems. The utility provider wanted to consolidate these many of these systems into a centralized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and realize business process efficiencies for individual departments.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly interviewed all 18 of the utility provider’s departments to identify existing systems, including Microsoft Office files and applications as well as third-party and add-on functions. Based on these interviews, we identified more than 250 unique systems and applications and provided recommendations on which systems to maintain or eliminate after an ERP system implementation.

Baker Tilly also managed the procurement process for selecting a potential ERP software system vendor. This included developing a request for proposal with technical requirements related to the all of the departments’ processes.


While the utility provider did not pursue one of the ERP software solutions, it did identify significant business process improvements. In addition, Baker Tilly helped the organization formulate a solution for pursuing a new software system specific to its energy-related operations such as energy accounting and fuel inventory.

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