• Prevention of fraud through effective internal controls

    Because fraud inherently involves efforts of concealment, many cases will never be detected. Therefore, organizations are encouraged to implement certain anti-fraud internal controls, in order to lessen the opportunities to commit fraud.
  • Recent news insight: Morgan Stanley and the importance of quality internal controls

    Insider threats have long been a concern for banks and other financial institutions and databases. According to a recent news report, Morgan Stanley accused a recently promoted financial analyst of downloading 350,000 records from its wealth management client database and subsequently posting 900 of those records to an internet bulletin board, Pastebin, in exchange for an obscure internet currency.
  • Understanding your IT risks, security, and vendor management webinar

    Baker Tilly’s financial services specialists examined the increased regulatory scrutiny on evaluation of third party service providers, options available for vendors to provide independent third party assurance reporting, and the tenets of an effective vendor management program including: risk assessment, vendor due diligence, contracting and onboarding, and ongoing monitoring.
  • IT Governance for Electric Utilities

    Baker Tilly’s Energy and Utilities team authored a recent American Public Power Association (APPA) publication that provides an overview of IT governance and guidance on developing a strategy within a utility.