• Storytelling: The CEO X factor

    While data points, graphs, spreadsheets, and slide decks may be in your wheelhouse, droning on about your vision using these tactics is the fastest way to transform a boardroom into a “bored room.”
  • Job offers: Take the inch or go for a mile?

    We’ve all received a job offer at some point in our professional careers. You experience the thrill of achievement and the realization that all the issues with your current situation could be alleviated. Regardless of how average or exceptional an offer might be, that inevitable question lurks: should I ask for more?
  • Dating rules that do not apply to job searching

    Dress your best. Be a little early, but not too early. Don’t talk about money. Some of the rules pertaining to a first date can be applied to an interview, but you will get much further along in the courting process if you consider these tips.
  • Is my annual raise enough? Do I ask for more?

    Even though a competitive job market must reward top talent, it does not give you a reason to try to take advantage of your employer. Always approach compensation-related questions with a great deal of caution, research, and honesty.