• Strengthening collaboration between internal audit and risk management

    To meet OCC requirements and strategically connect the dots on assurance, compliance, and risk management, internal audit functions will need to be part of the risk management ecosystem and provide validation of the execution of risk management responsibilities by frontline units and management. This article outlines what internal audits bring to the table as well as opportunities for driving value through collaboration between risk management and internal audit, using the case example of concern about loan loss reserves.
  • Final Basel III capital rule will affect community banks

    The final rules for the Basel III international capital accord, which will be phased in between the beginning of this year and 2019, include some relief for community banks. There are also some changes that affect the capital standards and reporting for community banks.
  • 2015 hot topics in NAIC risk-focused examinations

    Understanding insurance industry trends, NAIC developments, Financial Condition Examiners Handbook updates, and preparing for reviews of Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA) are some of the key items for State regulators and insurer regulatory examination liaisons.