• Analyzing contract terms: General requirements

    All construction contracts have general conditions provisions. Analyzing these contract terms enables the construction contract auditor to build the project audit program and contribute to on time, under budget project delivery.
  • Owner’s project controls review

    Effective project controls are an organization’s best construction risk mitigation strategy. Through a series of case studies, we illustrate effective and ineffective project control scenarios and how to verify that the project controls environment is performing as expected.
  • Divorce court wrestles with ‘vague and conflicting’ goodwill testimony

    Goodwill in a professional partnership poses unique challenges for valuators and courts, especially in a divorce setting. In a recent Texas case dense with valuation issues, it came down to corporate goodwill. “Logic tells me there is some,” the trial court said, “but it’s probably impossible to quantify.” The finding triggered an appeal.
  • What a difference a valuation date makes

    The valuation date can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a valuation dispute. To illustrate this point, this article looks at the case Wisniewski v. Walsh, a shareholder oppression lawsuit that dragged on for 18 years. The article outlines the history of the case and how the valuation date, while not the only factor, became central in the appellate court ruling.