• De-risking strategies in pension plans

    De-risking strategies in pension plans are currently much discussed by corporate management and pension plan fiduciaries. These strategies may include adopting a liability driven investment (LDI) strategy or purchasing participating annuity contracts (buy-in contracts) on the asset side to decrease volatility and manage cash flow.
  • Floor plan interest reimbursement on recalled units

    With almost twenty million vehicles already recalled in 2014 from more than ten manufacturers, dealers are raising concerns as they are work with both the manufacturer and the customer. What is it truly costing the dealership?
  • Cash is king – An overview of dealership cash management

    Anyone who paid attention to the financial crisis that struck in 2008 has certainly heard of the phrase “cash is king.” While many define "Cash is King" to mean that a solid cash position in business represents a strong financial position, others believe it has a broader definition.
  • How social media can jumpstart car sales

    While almost everyone is aware of social media’s impact on our daily lives, only some are aware of its impact on the business world—more specifically, how social media can act as a catalyst to increase business and revenues.