Annual Performance Guidelines and Strategic Vision Statement for dealerships

Baker Tilly is a founding member of Auto Team America (ATA), a network of 11 CPA firms that serve 2,000 auto dealerships in North America. The organization recently published its 2015 Annual Performance Guidelines. In 2014, they published the ATA Strategic Vision Statement – Dealerships in 2025.

Baker Tilly is actively involved in Auto Team America and has leadership roles in tax, assurance and business strategy aspects of the group. We believe these reports will provide dealers strong performance metrics to use in their own businesses.

AutoTeam America 2025 Dealership Vision: What Lies Ahead

ATA worked in tandem with industry experts to publish a Strategic Vision of Dealership Operations in the Year 2025 report. Dealership principals and managers were also interviewed to provide feedback on the direction and changes they see transpiring in their dealerships and those of their peers. This report is an unprecedented look at the major trends that will impact dealership operations in the future.

Download this report: AutoTeam America 2025 Dealership Vision: What Lies Ahead >

ATA 2016 Annual Performance Guidelines

The ATA 2016 Annual Performance Guidelines are an accumulation of the member firms’ top performing dealerships in the domestic, import and highline categories. The eleven firms submit their top performers and the results are then averaged across the groups. We believe this achieves a best of breed blend for other dealers to use in analyzing their own store performance. 

Download the ATA 2016 Annual Performance Guidelines >

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