• Valuations high for private firms, says new Pepperdine report

    The value of privately held businesses is very high right now, according to the 2014 Capital Markets Report from Pepperdine. This annual report benchmarks both the current climate and projected outlook across multiple market segments for lending, investing, and acquiring capital.
  • Footnotes tell a story

    When reviewing financial statements, not-for-profit board members and managers sometimes make the mistake of focusing solely on bottom-line figures, but these statements also may include a wealth of information in their disclosures. Savvy constituents and potential supporters know this, so not-for-profit executives need to be familiar with the common types of disclosures and the information they make available for scrutiny.
  • Baker Tilly healthcare update May 30, 2014

    The pace of change in areas such as Medicare and Medicaid rules, the Affordable Care Act, healthcare regulations and legislation, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) require healthcare and senior living organizations to regularly monitor changes and the potential impact of these changes on their organization.
  • Ownership transition

    Business owners planning succession face the difficult decision of whether to sell, dissolve or transfer their business to family members. Learn ways valuators can help guide the succession planning process by looking at such factors as the company’s expected cash flows, perceived risk, expected growth and marketability.