• HCM and the ERP Ecosystem

    Baker Tilly helps you and your organization navigate through the HR software landscape to build a technology roadmap that is closely connected with your enterprise systems, and allows visibility into your most important asset: your people.
  • Biogas economic model and toolkit

    A basic economic model and associated toolkit was developed to allow an evaluation basis to be made relative to the feasibility of a biogas project. The ultimate outcome of using the biogas economic model allows the user to begin to make certain go/no-go decisions relative to various project scenarios. The economic evaluation model was constructed using Microsoft Excel.
  • Biogas energy applications from dairy and cheese manufacturing waste

    Baker Tilly partnered with the Wisconsin State Energy Office to evaluate opportunities and challenges in the area of biogas energy applications from dairy and cheese manufacturing waste. Wisconsin stakeholders have forged a path of leadership in the understanding and implementation of biogas market opportunities. Prior anaerobic digestion and biogas studies have done an exceptional job explaining existing accomplishments and theoretical potential opportunities for biogas operations within agriculture and food processing operations. The ultimate value proposition to stakeholders was to craft a forward-looking technical action plan and specific biogas economic model and mapping tools for identifying, analyzing, and developing successful biogas projects.