• Note modification can reduce interest rates for affordable housing borrowers

    Due to increased loan volume and historically low interest rates available to borrowers, HUD has expanded its Interest Rate Reduction program, permitting borrowers of performing properties to reduce interest rates on FHA insured loans through a greatly abbreviated application process rather than requiring them to go through a complete, traditional refinancing. Now is the time for affordable housing borrowers to explore their refinancing options.
  • Cyber-risk: What audit committees and boards need to know now

    High-profile breaches and their monetary impact have caused boards and audit committees to take notice. The importance of cybersecurity should be communicated to management and staff from the board. They must ensure that management is allocating the necessary resources to implement an effective, enterprise-wide cybersecurity risk-management program.
  • Are you performing a “tax physical” for areas of your business taxes?

    If you hear a commercial about your health that catches your attention, you probably call your doctor. After all, your health is very important. Right? Now think of this article as a commercial for the “health” of your business taxes. How much thought are you giving to that? Whether you realize it or not, even though the economic environment is improving, federal, state and local governments are scrambling to find additional tax revenue in order to minimize their budget deficits. As such, they have stepped up audit enforcement to try to capture more tax revenue. This article contains areas you should perform a “tax physical” on to see if they are in general good tax health.
  • Federal supply schedules: Pricing and compliance

    Baker Tilly’s government contractor advisors discussed Federal Supply Schedules regulatory and reporting requirements as well as best practices for compliance in a recent National Contract Management Association webinar.