• The importance of smart spending cuts

    To cope with increasingly tight finances, government entities across the nation continue employing both targeted and across-the-board spending cuts. Though often necessary to avoid insolvency, it is important to examine how budget cuts affect government operations.
  • Baker Tilly healthcare update November 10, 2014

    This bi-monthly healthcare update provides information on the following recent activities: the future of the Affordable Care Act after the mid-term elections, possible penalties for employers that do not cover inpatient hospitalizations as part of their health insurance plans, and final payment rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Break down your 2014 financial performance to get a fix on next year

    Do you feel uncertain about forecasting your dealership’s financial performance for the coming year and setting a budget? With unknown factors in the mix, having misgivings is understandable. But there’s a way to lay solid groundwork for your 2015 financial planning, and it involves analyzing your financial performance in 2014.
  • Are you ready for your audit?

    Dealers who flinch each year before their annual audit, or who think of the process as something that will significantly interfere with their work for days at a time, should think again. An audit doesn’t have to be a time-draining or stressful experience for those who are prepared. This article discusses how to anticipate auditors’ requests and learn from the management points they present at the end of an engagement. It also provides tips for preparing for the auditors’ physical inspection of inventory, and why it’s important to discuss with them the best inventory method to use.